Transitions…And Real Estate

Transitions … And Real Estate

A funny thing happened on the road to success. You arrived! It’s a very satisfying place to be, but now you may be looking ahead in other ways. Perhaps you’re thinking about the NEXT place to live, where you’ll be as comfortable as ever, but down-sized. Maybe you’re seeing the advantages of a condominium for the first time ever. Or you’re considering a move closer to children and grandchildren.

At the Red Door Team, we recognize those thoughts and considerations. We’ve been there. We’ve helped our parents through it. And we’ve seen friends and colleagues working their way through it, as well. We recognize that first reaction, too. Usually, it’s “Wow – what a lot of work!”

Putting your house up for sale … Thinking about curb appeal and potential upgrades to ensure you get top dollar when you sell … Dispersing or disposing of decades of treasures – travel finds, antiques, silver, jewelry … Hiring movers … Finding the next place … Making sure it reflects the style and luxury you don’t want to give up … Working with contractors … Financial and retirement decisions …

 Sometimes the needs and timelines and requirements can seem overwhelming.

 The Red Door Team has answers. We are trained Senior Real Estate Specialists ®.  We have deep knowledge of real estate and the local and national economic issues that are shaping current market trends. And we understand the deeply personal issues that are particularly important to buyers and sellers in transition. As Baby Boomers ourselves, we are in touch with the lifestyle needs of our generation. We can help turn overwhelming anxiety and stress into a happy, profitable, satisfying moving experience.

 We’re here to help you move smarter – and breathe easier.

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